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Synergy Sales, in collaboration with Fortress, is transforming B2B marketing. They’ve created interactive videos to showcase their machinery, available anytime on their website. These videos, along with user-friendly scripts for product manuals, enhance customer understanding. Fortress also produced Synergy’s 20th-anniversary and employee feature videos.


Video Production

In the dynamic world of B2B, marketing often takes a back seat, but Synergy Sales is rewriting the narrative with the help of Fortress. As a pioneering client, Synergy recognized the value of marketing in delivering a more engaging experience for their clients, particularly in showcasing their cutting-edge machines.

Frequent participants in trade shows and exhibitions, Synergy faced a challenge: while these events were crucial for brand exposure in the Philippine market, demonstrating machines occupied valuable manpower, limiting their ability to cater to all booth visitors. Recognizing the need for a solution, Synergy turned to Fortress for expertise.

Enter interactive machine demonstration videos – a game-changer for Synergy. These videos not only boosted sales representatives during events but also became a valuable resource for customers seeking information about the showcased products. These videos are not confined to trade show booths; they are easily accessible on the company website, providing visitors with anytime, anywhere access.

To enhance the online experience, Fortress, in collaboration with the department manager, transformed complex product manuals into user-friendly scripts. The result? Potential customers now find it easier to follow and understand the intricacies of Synergy’s machines.

Explore Synergy Sales’ video channel: Synergy Sales YouTube Channel

But that’s not all – Synergy’s collaboration with Fortress extended beyond machine demonstrations. Fortress was also entrusted with creating Synergy’s 20th-anniversary company video and a feature video spotlighting their dedicated employees.

In a world where B2B marketing is often underestimated, Synergy Sales, with the support of Fortress, is breaking barriers, delivering valuable content, and celebrating milestones through the lens of engaging digital storytelling. Join us on Synergy Sales’ journey – where innovation meets marketing, and every click tells a compelling story.

The videos are also used on the company website that visitors can access anytime. 

With the help of the department manager, the Fortress team translated the product manuals into more online-friendly scriptwriting that potential customers can find easier to follow.   

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Apart from the demonstration videos, Synergy also tapped Fortress to create their 20th anniversary company video and their employee feature video. 

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